CareDirector v6 UI / UX Design


CareDirector v6 login screen

v6 is the latest version of CareWorks’ core product, CareDirector. CareDirector is a system for Community Health, Mental Health and Social Services. It enables clinicians and social workers to record details, processes and outcomes, of the care they provide.

Originally built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 in 2008, running only on Microsoft Internet Explorer, for v6 it was decided to completely rebuild CareDirector as a standalone, browser-independent product.

Work began in early 2018 and the first release of CareDirector v6 was in April 2019.

As the UX designer I was responsible for all UI artwork and design, user experience design, accessibility, responsive design, front-end, and CSS.

Below are various screens from CareDirector v6.


Responsive global navigation

A major issue with Dynamics CRM was the navigation – typically a vertical navigation, with collapsible categories, followed by links to individual pages or sub categories, leading to a  horizontal tab menu on the page top. This deep hierarchy was replaced by a responsive megamenu with a flat hierarchy.


Charts Dashboard

Dashboard page showing chart widgets

Dynamics CRM dashboard widgets were replaced with customisable widgets. Widget records are now expandable, allowing the user to view more information, and the user can now edit records from the dashboard.

Client Demographics Dashboard

Client Demographics Dashboard

The Client Demographics dashboard is a summary of the clients demographic details, collated from several record types within CareDirector. 

Care Plan Dashboard

Responsive Care Plan dashbord

Care plans are a three-stage process – needs, outcomes and interventions – the flow of this process is treeview-like – Needs can have many Outcomes, and those Outcomes can have many Interventions. Representing this process, while displaying a summary of each stage to the user, in a responsive format, proved a challenge. There were no existing examples available, so I coded one – you can see it, and the code at

Data Widget Dashboard

Dashboard page showing data widgets

Dashboard Widget Designer

Dashboard widget designer

System administrators also have a widget designer, allowing them to create custom widgets from any CareDirector record type, iFrame, gridview, chart or remote URL.

Workflow Designer

Workflow Designer

The workflow designer allows organisations design custom workflows for patient care processes.



Sample datagrid


Multi lookup

A more user-friendly multi-lookup was added, incorporating micro-interactions to aid learnability – Research showed users in previous versions failed to click the Add Record button when a record was selected, we overcame this issue by animating a discreet background colour on the Add Record button every time a record was selected.

Standard Search Screen

Standard search screen layout

The design of the standard search screen was changed from separate search and results screens, to a single screen. to allow the user to edit/filter their search criteria, after a search had been executed, without having to use the Back button. The search form is also collapsible to allow the user to view the results in full screen. 

Advanced Search

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search screen allows a user build and save a search query on any data record-type in the CareDirector system.

Health Professional Scheduler

Health professional scheduler

This diary/scheduling module allows for the scheduling of appointments for healthcare professionals.

Allowing clicking of  time slot to add and appointment, drag & drop rescheduling, resizing appointments to change appointment duration, a visual representation of the professional’s travel time,  appointment out-coming, and a host of other features. 

Bed Management 

Bed Management

The Bed Management dashboard is used in the management of hospital wards. Practitioners refer to it for the status and availability of beds, and patient details. Patients can be dragged and dropped between different rooms, with records being updated instantly, and consultants being notified. Wards, rooms and beds are html/CSS-based  and can be created and edited by CareDirector users.

Client Timelines

Client Timeline

The Client Timeline shows a reverse chronological history of a client within the product. All records click through to full details of the entry.