Wireframes – Page 2

Wireframes, taken from a bookmark redesign project,  show eight stages of an iterative design process, from initial concept to finished high-fidelity, interactive prototype.

The wireframes were created using Adobe Illustrator, and the interactive prototype was created using Marvel App.

Version 1 – Basic searchable wordcloud (PDF Version)

Version 2 – with filtering and categorisation options (PDF Version)
Version 3 – showing one-click bookmarking and basic bookmark editing options (PDF Version)
Version 4 – tabbed panel, with both listview and wordcloud options for bookmark view (PDF Version)
Version 5 – colour coding added as signifier of word weight. Filters move to bottom of view (PDF Version)
Version 6 – Bookmark editing option added (PDF Version)
Version 7 – multiple user account option added (PDF Version)