3 – Personas

“Personas put a face on the user—a memorable, engaging, and actionable image that serves as a design target. They convey information about users to your product team in ways that other artifacts cannot.”

The Essential Persona Lifecycle – Your Guide to Building and Using Personas, Tamara Adlin and John Pruitt

Having already carried out our user survey, we were ready to create personas that were both assumption and data-based.

Creation of these personas was a team effort – our focus was primarily on the personas’ attributes, desires and behaviours.

Persona Types

The persona types were to be focal – primary users who would be using our app. Other user types – secondary, unimportant, affected and exclusionary, were disregarded.

We chose to create two different personas – our first, Peter Peterson’s primary role was presenter, and occasional audience member. While our second persona – Fiona Farrow was primarily an audience member, but occasionally a presenter.

Peter Peterson

Peter Peterson is a 31 year-old software engineer, he is very proactive in his job, and regularly attends industry events. Peter is very career-oriented and driven, he is an active self-promoter. Peter has a lot of experience as both a presenter and an audience member at industry events.

Peter is logical, he is quite opinionated, he has strong beliefs, some of which can be controversial. Peter can get frustrated by interruptions and prefers structure to chaos.

“During the middle of my presentation questions were asked, I answered and then lost track of where I was” – Peter Peterson

Peter has a small group of close friends. In his free time, Peter enjoys the gym, climbing mountains, and drinking coffee.


Peter Peterson, Persona. View full size

Empathy Map

Peter Peterson, Empathy Map. View full size

Fiona Farrow

Fiona Farrow is a married, 40 year-old woman, she has recently changed career, to become a Nutritionist. In an effort to establish herself in her new field, Fiona regularly partakes in industry events.

“It can be a lot of pressure to articulate and present in front of a large crowd” – Fiona Farrow

Fiona likes mixing, but she tends to be quite shy in larger groups. Fiona holds strong personal beliefs and is actively engaged in her local community.


Fiona Farrow, Persona. View full size

Empathy Map

Fiona Farrow, Empathy Map – View full size


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